February 2018

Program Costs

Estimated Costs Per Pasadena City College School of Nursing: Listed are the items required for their Nursing Program. Please note however that these prices are estimates and subject to change: 1. Health Screening from Pasadena City College Student Health Services (costs will be higher in other settings): o Administrative Fee for services – $13.00 o Lab work – $50.00 o Hepatitis B vaccine – $37.00 o Measles, Mumps, Rubella vaccine – $ 53.00 o Tdap – $41.00 o Varicella vaccine – $85.00 o Physical exam – $25.00 2. Uniform (2 […]

Reasons Not to Fail and to Pass the First Time Around

The process to retest is bad, it takes another two to three months and you’ll feel like crap going through this again but it is better to get it done sooner than later because of how long it takes to re-register. No fingerprinting is needed again, but the cost and studying are. The process is pretty simple, just go back online to your BRN and click the drop down for retest, then complete the application again and upload another passport size picture and the payment. Then you’ll log back into […]

Work before Bachelors for Tuition Reimbursement and BSN 2020/Magnet Status

Getting a bachelor’s degree in nursing is supposedly going to be mandatory by 2020 . So what does that mean for you? If you have not already enrolled in a program and are working in the hospital, they’ll often offer you a tuition reimbursement of 2k-4k per year (after first year of work) towards your tuition because of the BSN 2020 rule and Magnet status – . If you have your Associates Degree in Nursing, the hardest and most expensive part is over and the Bachelor’s is the […]

Nursing Pay Is Often Understated!

To an outside observer, a nurse’s salary is simply a base however this is almost never the case. Nurses make a ton of money with shift differential – basically added bonus in the form of hourly rate for working non-traditional hours(day shift). Afternoon shift will typically give you a rate of $2-3 more per hour while the dreaded night shift will pay an additional $4-6 more per hour. Check out the union contract to see an example of shift differential, bonuses and overtime/double-time rules. In addition, there are bonuses for […]

Picking a Nursing School That’s Right For You

Why is picking a nursing school so important? The school you select will be the place you meet classmates that will be with you through your long days and nights of clinicals. The school also pre-selects what hospitals you rotate to so having alumni at those hospitals helps your chances of landing a position after graduation. However, passing the NCLEX should be a defining factor in the school you select. The best sign of a great nursing school would be the passage rates because if you can’t pass your NCLEX, […]

Process of NCLEX ATT Testing

The process of getting registered and set up with the Board of Registered Nursing is long and extensive. Your nursing school is probably going to have complete your application to the board and get you LiveScan fingerprinting done well before you graduate because that’s just how long it takes. The processing times are two to three months behind as you’ll see here: I remember after graduating in mid-June, I had my Authorization To Test(ATT) which allows you to go on and schedule online on July, 27 2017. I […]

Nursing Unions: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Unions cost you money from your paycheck(about 3-5%) BUT also make you a lot more and protect your rights as a nurse. Chances are you’ll never get fired, be given step increases year after year, work cancellation rights, shift differentials, mandatory breaks, required bonuses(missed meal break, holiday), self- scheduling, severance, layoff rehire requirements and many more benefits. See this real attached Union Contract. Once a union is established in hospital setting they are pretty much there for good. This is why when there is a signature collection to establish a […]

Cost to Hospital for RN Training

Most hospitals do not like to new registered nurses simply because it is wicked expensive to train an RN. The pre-cepting nurse usually gets a big premium per shift to train and, the new grad needs anywhere from six weeks to three months to learn and the hospital is getting nothing in return for the moment. According the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees(AFSCME) , the new grad will cost around $50,000 to teach and retain. Retention is another issue for hospitals. What is to stop a nurse […]

Networking During Nursing School

It’s actually pretty darn hard to get a hospital nursing job right after you pass you boards. The best opportunity you get is typically during your last term when you work independently with a preceptor to showcase your skills. Many of my classmates passed their exam within a month of graduation and were able to reconnect with their clinical instructors for a position. The clinical instructors like to refer their own previous students for jobs because they can send nursing students to train with them during clinical hours. The point […]