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Nursing Unions: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Unions cost you money from your paycheck(about 3-5%) BUT also make you a lot more and protect your rights as a nurse. Chances are you’ll never get fired, be given step increases year after year, work cancellation rights, shift differentials, mandatory breaks, required bonuses(missed meal break, holiday), self- scheduling, severance, layoff rehire requirements and many more benefits. See this real attached Union Contract. [pdf-embedder url=”” title=””] Once a union is established in hospital setting they are pretty much there for good. This is why when there is a signature collection […]

Cost to Hospital for RN Training

Most hospitals do not like to new registered nurses simply because it is wicked expensive to train an RN. The pre-cepting nurse usually gets a big premium per shift to train and, the new grad needs anywhere from six weeks to three months to learn and the hospital is getting nothing in return for the moment. According the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees(AFSCME) , the new grad will cost around $50,000 to teach and retain. Retention is another issue for hospitals. What is to stop a nurse […]

Networking During Nursing School

It’s actually pretty darn hard to get a hospital nursing job right after you pass you boards. The best opportunity you get is typically during your last term when you work independently with a preceptor to showcase your skills. Many of my classmates passed their exam within a month of graduation and were able to reconnect with their clinical instructors for a position. The clinical instructors like to refer their own previous students for jobs because they can send nursing students to train with them during clinical hours. The point […]