Is Nursing Worth It?

How valuable is a registered nursing license?

Try this quick yet HONEST search. Simply go to and search Registered Nurse in the field. You’ll see on the bottom left the earnings potential. If you compare these figures to most other careers in the search, you’ll notice not many compare to this kind of money.

Paying about $5,500( for a degree that pays upwards of $80,000 annually sounds like a no brainer. Nursing is very well worth the stress and headache of two years, that’s right JUST TWO YEARS and you’ll be in line to make a lot of money! In my ADN program, I had mostly second career students who were switching from an administrative job to clinical because of the recent recession. Even if you end up spending over a 100k in your nursing education, it is still worth it because of the stability, benefits and earnings. Again, I cannot say this enough- the return on your investment is very lucrative in the field of nursing.

In how many careers can you go to school for two years and make this kind of money? I can tell you my 4Y Business degree did not hold up- I got laid off several times, and even had 50k in loans. Most of my classmates would tell you the same story.

Some of the hospital job benefits include – tuition reimbursement, three days a week schedule, differential shift pay, excellent pay, bonuses, free health insurance, and job security. In fact, RNs have one of lowest unemployment rates in CA and strongest unions hence the really high rates of pay:


StateEmployment (1)Employment per thousand jobsLocation quotient (9)Hourly mean wageAnnual mean wage (2)