What to do now?

If you Passed. You’ll first want to decide the career path you want to take. The beauty of nursing is that there are so many different fields and opportunities for you to take. If you were to take a quick search on Indeed.com you’ll notice that the jobs are not just in the hospital or clinical setting. If you have the travel bug then maybe you should consider being a nurse traveler where you basically travel across country on the company’s dollar. Or perhaps you want to go to school now and get it over with. So many options! Typically most graduates will want some money and work experience. So you Failed? So what, I did too but the good news is I passed the second time around. There so no real record that shows you failed the exam so it’s not that big of a deal. Nursing school doesn’t really prepare you for the NCLEX, these random question trainers do. I rushed my exam the first time around feeling like my classmates were all passing so should I.