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Cost to Hospital for RN Training

by Pearson Vue Trick

Most hospitals do not like to new registered nurses simply because it is wicked expensive to train an RN. The pre-cepting nurse usually gets a big premium per shift to train and, the new grad needs anywhere from six weeks to three months to learn and the hospital is getting nothing in return for the moment. According the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees(AFSCME)https://www.afscme.org/news/publications/health-care/solving-the-nursing-shortage/the-cost-of-failure , the new grad will cost around $50,000 to teach and retain.

Retention is another issue for hospitals. What is to stop a nurse from receiving training and moving on to another higher paying job? The hospitals sometimes circumvent this by employing minimum length contracts as a stipulation to their employment, but these contracts offer signing bonuses and seniority year bonuses. Also by giving back in other ways such as a spectacular Nurse’s Week, free health insurance, self-scheduling, cheap employee meals, etc.

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