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What Makes the NCLEX So Complicated?

by Pearson Vue Trick

The NCLEX exam can be very unforgiving. The test is designed to be computer adaptive(gets slightly hard every time you do well), has randomly selected abstract questions, and can have more “select all that apply”(SATA) formatted questions than others. Remember having more SATA questions does not necessarily mean you are doing well. In addition to all this, you may think your questions are getting more difficult but in reality you may getting easier questions are doing poorly. So what does that mean for you?

That the nursing profession you chose has a certain level of respectability to allow only the most capable nurses. Though there are possible repeat applicants, the State Boards do a great job of screening out unqualified candidates. There are 265 potential questions so a candidate is technically given ample opportunities to demonstrate success and pass the NCLEX.

The questions may not be the ones you studied however the NCLEX is designed also to show reasoning ability of a candidate as if in a clinical setting. From first hand experience after taking the NCLEX, the study material is simply not enough to prepare you for the test and the process of elimination will be your best friend in determining many of the right answers.

After all we should respect our profession and allow only the best into the business. Throughout the nation the wages of nurses are rising and there is a greater need for more in the profession however nursing schools have limited spots and are becoming more selective in choosing students. While you may not like the threat of failing the exam, the elite company you will be in the hospital setting will make you feel all that much better once you do pass.

If you are a NCLEX test taker just remember you are in a enviable position and will make a lot of money one day but will need to prove your worth. So invest the time, money and energy again so you don’t have to take the test again like I did – Good Luck.

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