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Nursing Unions: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

by Pearson Vue Trick

Unions cost you money from your paycheck(about 3-5%) BUT also make you a lot more and protect your rights as a nurse. Chances are you’ll never get fired, be given step increases year after year, work cancellation rights, shift differentials, mandatory breaks, required bonuses(missed meal break, holiday), self- scheduling, severance, layoff rehire requirements and many more benefits. See this real attached Union Contract.

Once a union is established in hospital setting they are pretty much there for good. This is why when there is a signature collection to establish a union, the hospital attempt to immediately stop the actions, remove the collector from the site claiming the collectors are “disruptive during work hours.” The hospital will do whatever they can at all costs to prevent an organization. Union representatives usually show up at orientation to meet the new nurses and introduce themselves and will also get a copy of a new hire report.

Management hates unions for the fact that they make it nearly impossible to fire an employee. The union contract usually have a three strike policy that resets every 18 months and as an employee you have the right to request union representation almost like your personal attorney. In a traditional employment “At Will” setting, an employer can fire you for any reason.

The ugly part of this is that bad employees can be giving care to patients after repeated offenses. One of these employees may be your coworker. Let’s face it some employees are just bad and will run to the union for any issue.

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